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August 27, 2015 / matrixcomsec

Five Advantages of Automating your Time and Attendance System

Time and Attendance SystemAn automated time and attendance system is a way for your organization to save money and eliminate the frustrations of a manual process. Increase efficiency, manage labor costs and maximize profits by implementing an electronic, integrated time and attendance system.

 1) Reduce errors.

Time and Attendance system reduces the risk of human error and ensures and easy, impartial, and orderly approach in addressing specific needs without any confusion. In fact, Time and Attendance system has been shown to have an accuracy rate of more than 99% versus manual systems by eliminating errors in data entry and calculations.

2) Increase security.

Time and attendance software together with biometric data collection devices may be used to control employee access to certain areas within a facility and track employee entry. Biometric data collection devices eliminate buddy punching and also helps reduce costly liabilities, including theft of equipment or property.

3) Increase productivity.

Productivity increases because the process is seamless and makes day-to-day operations more efficient and convenient. Eliminating legacy practices frees up employees time, decreases staffing overhead, and provides supervisors with timely labor data to more effectively manage their operations.

4) Save money.

Implementing a technology based time and attendance solution with time attendance system will immediately help to reduce your labor costs. Manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data to process payroll can take a lot of time, but with an automated time and attendance solution, companies are able to increase efficiency and save money.

August 27, 2015 / matrixcomsec

The Benefits of Using IP Surveillance Cameras

Benefits of Using IP Surveillance CamerasInternet protocol surveillance cameras, IP cameras, are digital video cameras used for surveillance that can send and receive information via a network and the Internet. A webcam is a very similar concept; however, a webcam is not typically linked to other cameras and monitors for the use of surveillance. The IP surveillance camera systems are installed as an alternative to analog closed circuit television. Prior to digital alternatives, surveillance was comprised of analog information recorded on tangible media.

Utilizing digital IP surveillance systems updated the capabilities of surveillance systems, making complex systems available for widespread use. IP surveillance cameras can be set up and used in private residences, small businesses, and even large corporate headquarters.

How do IP Surveillance Cameras Work?

There are essentially two types of IP camera operating systems; centralized and decentralized. Centralized IP systems require an NVR (network video recorder). The NVR is a program that records video in a digital format to a hard drive, flash drive, or other storage device. Decentralized IP camera systems do not require an NVR because each of the cameras has built-in recording capability and can record directly onto digital storage media. All data recorded by the IP camera can be accessed from anywhere using Internet access.

Analog, closed circuit cameras are unable to send and receive data. As opposed to transmitting video over a video cable to a traditional monitor or television, audio and video are transmitted via a data connection. IP surveillance cameras have the capability to do all of the same things as a closed circuit system with analog video, with the added benefit of remote viewing. Because these systems can be as complex or as simple as needed for security or surveillance purposes, they are just as effective in a private residence as they would be in a large office building.

Why IP Surveillance Cameras?

There are a number of benefits to using IP surveillance over other closed circuit systems. In addition to the digital nature of the recording media, the cameras offer practical advantages over the alternative closed circuit security systems. These benefits are further detailed next.

Coaxial Cable Not Necessary

Because the cameras operate over a broadband, Wi-Fi, or cellular network, it is not necessary to install coaxial cable for each of the cameras to work. An IP surveillance system transmits over the Internet or network, without the need to install other software or add additional monitoring equipment. Because sound and data can be transmitted over an Internet connection, separate audio cables are not required. Audio can easily be transmitted and recorded for surveillance purposes.

No Camera Limit

There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be installed on an IP surveillance network. As long as there is enough of a signal or broadband strength to transmit data, cameras can be installed as needed.

Remote Accessibility

Because the cameras are installed over a network, they can be configured to be accessed remotely. This capability allows for users to login and view the recorded video at any time from any location. Remote access is particularly desirable for a third-party who may need to monitor security and for personal access of a home or property when a person is not on location.

Image Quality

The high resolution graphics recorded on a digital IP camera provide clear images for viewing and reviewing. The clearer the image, the easier it is to discern faces, objects, people, and other details filmed by the camera. There is no loss of quality in recording images or reviewing recordings, as all data is recorded digitally rather than converted from analog to digital. In analog systems, there is a decrease in image quality the further a signal and the further the data has to travel.

Video Management

Video data is easily accessed, reviewed, and scanned in a digital format. Because all of the data is recorded in a digital format, it is easily accessible for playback. Any recorded data or real time data can be quickly reviewed from any location. In a location where there may be too much data to review lengthy recorded files, software can be purchased for a more advanced system with built-in analytics. This intelligent system will respond to pre-programmed commands such as motion detection, audio detection, tampering alarms, and event management. A specific event can be programmed to which the system will respond. All of this data can then be recorded and organized in whatever way is beneficial to the user, including by camera, location, date, or event type.

Integration with Other Systems

A digital system that is organized around existing Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks can easily be integrated with other systems that run on the same networks. For example, in a retail business, this may include integration with point of sales systems, or in building or property management this may include integration with security and alert systems.

System Based on Needs

Because IP surveillance cameras do not require additional cables like closed circuit systems do, the network can be as small or as large as it needs to be. It can be easily expanded at any time, and other systems can be added to the network at any time without having to drastically change infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Because little infrastructure is required for installation and use, IP cameras offer a more budget friendly solution than the traditional closed circuit systems. Most homes and business already have some type of network in place upon which to install the IP cameras. As previously mentioned, if a network is already in place for point of sales or alarm systems, piggybacking a video network on these systems is inexpensive. Because these systems can operate regardless of the size of the network, it is only necessary to purchase the number of cameras that are required or that fit within a specific budget. Purchasing monitors is not a necessity since the images can be viewed over the Internet from any computer.

August 25, 2015 / matrixcomsec

IP surveillance benefits

IP surveillanceSuperior image quality

Image quality is clearly one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important

Superior image quality enables the user to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property. It also ensures greater accuracy for automated analysis and alarm tools.


Using standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment such as DVRs radically reduces management and equipment costs, particularly for larger systems where storage and servers are a significant portion of the total solution cost. Additional cost savings come from the infrastructure used. IP-based networks such as LANs and the Internet can be leveraged for other applications across the organization.

Scalability and flexibility

IP-based systems provide a means for network video products and other types of applications to share the same wired or wireless network for communicating data. Video, audio, PTZ and I/O commands, power and other data can be carried over the same cable and any number of network video products can be added to the system without significant or costly changes to the network infrastructure. This is not the case with an analog system. In an analog video system, a dedicated coax cable must run directly from each camera to a viewing/ recording station. Separate pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and audio cables may also be required.

Distributed intelligence

As a result, events and activities are missed, and suspicious behaviors remain unnoticed. With network video, intelligence has been brought into the camera itself.

Remote accessibility

With network video, users can access real-time video at any time from any authorized computer anywhere.

December 5, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Launches Feature-Rich COSEC Time-Attendance Terminals Designed to Meet the Needs of Modern Businesses

Matrix Comsec is pleased to announce the launch of Biometric fingerprint and RFID card based time-attendance terminals. These feature-rich and cost-effective terminals are designed to meet the complete time-attendance needs of all growing businesses.
Matrix Time-Attendance Systems terminals hardware architecture offers the option to start as a small setup with a single door, which can easily scale along with the growing business. This versatile security solution comes with web-based management software that can monitor and control up to 10,000 doors and 1,00,0000 users in real-time from a single place. Software modules such as Time Attendance, Leave Management and Employee Self Service help to manage all business needs within a single solution and ensure continuous rise in productivity.
On the occasion, Jatin Desai, Product Manager Matrix Comsec, said, “Matrix COSEC time attendance terminals are full-fledged time attendance solution with world-class hardware design and advance software features. We have designed these terminals keeping in mind the requirements of the large segment where only time attendance is essential. COSEC web based time-attendance software comes with advanced features like flexible attendance policy, 100+ reports generations, third party software integration, centralized management for HR that eliminates the need for any customization. Thus Matrix security systems like  COSEC attendance terminals with their versatility, intelligence and integration will meet the present and future time-attendance needs of growing businesses.”
Hardware Features
• Fingerprint and Proximity Cards
• Easy Operations from Keypad
• Ethernet Connectivity
• Touchsense Keypad
• Dot Matrix LCD
• USB Port for Data Transfer
• 50000 Events Storage
Software Features
• Flexible Time-Attendance Policies
• Shifts and Schedule Management
• SMS and Email Notification
• Leave Management
• Employee Portal
• 100+ Reports and Colorful Charts
• Integration with Tally and Payroll
• Integration with SAP, ERP and Active Directory
With above unique attributes of the product, our expectations from the market are ambitious. This is a product which will create an excitement among the partners. They will experience a truly valued product, with a basket full of features available at competitive price. After having received an encouraging response from the distributors, system-integrators and end-customers for our access control and time attendance product we expect a similar kind of response for this time attendance terminals. Thus Matrix COSEC time attendance terminals promise to be a real valued product to meet the present and future security needs of small to large businesses.
October 31, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Announces Integration of CHAR with its range of Hospitality IP-PBXs

Matrix Comsec enhanced its presence with the integration of CHAR middleware with its range of hospitality IP-PBXs. With this integration, Matrix backs its commitment to European hoteliers offering the flexibility to use preferred customized hotel PMS through CHAR middleware software with Matrix IP-PBXs.

Matrix Hospitality Solution
Matrix ETERNITY is a feature rich IP-PBX designed to meet the diverse communication needs of hospitality industry. It incorporates specialized hospitality module, third-party PMS and CAS support and many other utilitarian and productivity enhancing features along with support for PSTN, GSM/3G, ISDN and IP networks. The IP-PBX contributes in routine functioning of the hotel with the increased staff mobility and productivity.
CHAR – The Valued Integration Partner
“Matrix IP-PBXs are acclaimed by Indian and overseas Hotel customers. The easy integration with third-party PMS and CAS offers Matrix a competitive edge and Matrix continuously works towards integrating the hotel system with all major PMS vendors globally.” said Ruchir Talati, Product Manager – Enterprise Division for Matrix.
CHAR is a known middleware which allows integration of the PBX with major PMS. This integration with CHAR will offer an option of IP-PBX in the form of Matrix ETERNITY which is reliable, feature rich and offers value for money.
July 25, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Concludes Growth Summit 2011 at Thailand

Matrix Growth Summit 2011Matrix Comsec, recently concluded its Fifth annual partners Growth Summit at Thailand. It was a three day event where Top performing Matrix partners were awarded and business strategy for the next year was discussed.  Around 100 Matrix partners attended the summit. Matrix international partners from countries like, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, America and Africa were also present for the summit. Complying with its tradition of introducing telecom products during the summit, this year too two products one each on telecom and security range respectively were introduced.
“Our partners are core to our business and a key driver for Matrix’s future growth. This event is a demonstration of Matrix’s commitment to our partners across the globe, as well as an opportunity to recognize our top performing channel partners,” says Ganesh Jivani, MD, Matrix Comsec.
The event was a time to take a break after a year-long hard work. Matrix telecom and security partners enjoyed various water sports and activities at Thailand. Growth Summit also provided a platform to partners to interact with their other partners and share their experience and ideas.
The summit ended on a positive and energetic note where partners were all charged up to tackle the current business year and promised to meet again at the summit next year.
June 24, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Wins the IF Design Award 2011 for Its COSEC Range of Security Products

product design award 2011 - matrixMatrix Comsec has won the most coveted IF Design Award in the category of finished Product Design. Matrix has won the award for its COSEC range of Security Products. The award is presented to particularly creative, innovative and qualitatively superior products.
Matrix Comsec is in the field of manufacturing Telecom and Security products and it indigenously designs, develops and manufactures these products. Matrix COSEC DOOR FCP is a premium door controller which records and controls entries and exists through various credentials like fingerprint, proximity cards and smart cards. This Ethernet-ready door controller can be connected directly with the application software or with COSEC PANELs. It has advanced capacitive finger print reader and 9600 finger print storage capacity. It is also available with premium features like WI-FI, USB, touch sense keypad and dot Matrix LCD display.
“Winning this prestigious design award is in recognition of Matrix strength in innovation. Our products feature not only high quality, but also outstanding design. Such awards exemplify the qualitative and innovative design of our products which are developed with intensive R&D efforts of our engineers. We are pleased that our COSEC DOOR FCP product was singled out by the award committee for its unique appearance, its highly reliable design components and features. It is therefore assuring indeed that we have passed international judgment and have crossed a certain benchmark, which is a testimony of Matrix capability in designing world-class products, “says Ganesh Jivani, MD, Matrix Comsec.
The IF design award is considered to be one of one of the best known and significant design competitions worldwide. The award ceremony for the IF gold awards, which honors the 50 best competition entries, takes place annually on the opening day of CeBIT. The international jury grants the IF certificate solely to products which distinguish themselves from the competition by means of a particularly high level of design quality. A total of 2,756 products were submitted by 1,121 participants from 43 countries.
The IF product design award exhibition is open to the public each year from March through to September at the Hanover exhibition center, where Award winning products will be displayed.
June 22, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Implements Logical Partitioning in COSEC Software

Matrix is pleased to introduce a new software license structure by implementing logical partitioning in COSEC (Time Attendance and Access Control System). With this new structure, COSEC Application servers-COSEC PE/GE/ME/LE PLATFORM, targeting to different customer verticals will come with basic features. These PLATFORMS are completely web based with key features like basic report generation, hardware configuration, export and import data and many more.

On this occasion, Mr. Jatin Desai, Product Manager of Matrix Comsec security products said, “Matrix has implemented logical partitioning for increasing overall simplicity and for reducing the cost of the software to end customers. Thus benefitting the customer, by giving him optimum returns from his investment.”

Software modules such as Access Control Module (ACM) and Time Attendance Module (TAM) with advanced access control and time attendance features can be added easily on any COSEC PLATFORM depending on the requirements. As per the existing requirement, if the user needs only basic features and requires attendance data for their own software, then he can go with only the platform and need not pay for other modules. Depending on the future requirement, he can easily add other modules on the platform by just entering a license key. This will increase simplicity and reduce the cost of the software.

Time Attendance Module (TAM) will offer utilitarian features like multiple organization, various attendance policy creation, manual entry and correction along with report and chart generation will increase the overall productivity of the organization. While Access Control Module (ACM) enables advanced features like access zones, access groups, access levels, 2-person access, first-in user, guard tour and many more features that will enhance the security of the organization. Apart from these modules, Visitor Management Module (VMM) and Employee Self Service (ESS) portal can be added in the similar manner.

Key Features of COSEC:

  • 1 to 10,000 Door Controllers
  • 1 to 1Million Users
  • Built-in Web based Application
  • Touch sense Keypad and Dot matrix LCD
  • Pluggable Card Reader Modules
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Centralized Fingerprint Distribution
  • Up to 10 Fingerprints per User
  • Dual Fingerprint Template Storage
  • Built-in Enrollment Management
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • USB and WiFi Connectivity
  • SMS and Email Notifications
June 20, 2011 / matrixcomsec

Matrix Comsec Wins The Digital Terminal Editors Choice Award 2010 for The “Best Selling Security Brand”

matrix comsec awardsMatrix Comsec has bagged the Digital Terminal Editors Choice Award 2010 for Best Selling Security Solution Brand. Digital Terminal, one of the leading magazines for IT Industry, has instituted this Award to recognize the company’s potential and their leadership strength in their respective product category. It is worth mentioning that Matrix has also won prestigious international iF and Red Dot Award for design, quality and features of its Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions.

The Digital Terminal Editors Choice Award across 23 Categories were selected on the basis of market watch, companies product features, consumer acceptance, pricing, previous achievements, channel strength, products certification and  news published in all journals & various websites. Such awards boost and encourage the industries to scale even greater heights and strive for further excellence in the years to come.

“Winning the Digital Terminal Editors Choice Award is not only a great source of honor and pride, but also an inspiration to set the bar higher for ourselves. Matrix has consistently delivered world-class products to its customers. This award is a validation of the quality and reliability of our products, support services, the efforts of all our channel partners who represent Matrix across the globe, marketing and selling our products. We congratulate them and the entire Matrix team for this achievement. We thank our customers for their continual faith in us, “says Ganesh Jivani, MD, Matrix Comsec.

Matrix Comsec is in the field of manufacturing Security and Telecom products and it indigenously designs, develops and manufactures these products. Matrix has won the award for its COSEC range of Security Products. It is the technology and the quality of the products that has helped Matrix defy competition from well established brands.

June 11, 2011 / matrixcomsec

ETERNITY – The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity

All progressive organizations are moving to IP-PBXs for the obvious benefits of flexibility, productivity, integration and cost. While migrating to IP Telephony, it is extremely important to remember two important requirements Mobility and Connectivity. An IP-PBX without these two functions is like a new-generation car without wheels and navigation.

Presenting Matrix ETERNITY – The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity.

Matrix ETERNITY provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as PBX extensions. Not only users can make and receive calls, they can also use most of the PBX functions like Transfer, Forward, Voice Mail, Directory and Conference using their mobile phones from within and outside office. This seamless mobility means complete freedom from being tied to your desk for internal or external communication.

Further, any IP-PBX worth its name should interface with all-pervasive legacy and new-generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, GSM, 3G and VoIP. The ETERNITY IP-PBX offers Universal Connectivity with all these networks combining best of both the worlds. Thus, ETERNITY facilitates smooth and natural migration to the new-age IP infrastructure.

ETERNITY MEETERNITY is a family of IP-PBX solutions. Originally designed for enterprise applications, ETERNITY family now includes members suitable for SME and SMB segments. In terms of number of users, the ETERNITY has solution for organizations with starting from 8 to 512 users.

The ETERNITY offers a wide range of flexible call routing functions and convenience features. This flexibility transforms it into a versatile IP Telephony platform. The ETERNITY can be used as a regular office IP-PBX, Hospitality PBX, Group PBX, Universal Gateway, Call Center Switch, PLCC Switch, etc.

ETERNITY ME is the eldest and the biggest in the family and is targeted at enterprises. It comes in two configurations; 10 Universal Slots and 16 Universal Slots. In addition to all standard functions, ME supports hot-swapping of cards and redundancy of CPU and Power Supply to meet mission critical applications.

ETERNITY GE is for SME customers having up to 240 users. It is offered in three configurations 3, 6 and 12 Universal Slots. All the cards including CPU and Power Supply are interchangeable.

ETERNITY PE is the youngest and the smallest member of the family designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) customers having up to 48 users. It is offered in two configurations 3 Universal Slots and 6 Universal Slots. Considering the special needs of organizations in this segment, Door-Phone Card is offered in ETERNITY PE. A cost-effective version of ETERNITY PE with 3 slots is offered where ISDN and few other functions are not required.

All the members of the ETERNITY family offer identical functions and features. They provide all the telecom network interfaces for Universal Connectivity. Same user terminals like digital phones, operator consoles, soft-phones and ISDN phones can be used with any ETERNITY IP-PBX. In fact, they all run the same software making ETERNITY the easiest system to expand.

Matrix ETERNITY allows an organization to start with its current configuration needs and expand the system capability in future by adding more cards to its universal slots. The ETERNITY is designed to support cards with homogeneous and hybrid (mix) ports to maximize port utilization.

ETERNITY GE12S IP-PBX with 12 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-POTS)

Most of IP-PBXs in the market support only few standard interfaces like FXS, FXO and ISDN. These products do not support in-skin interfaces for GSM or 3G. Matrix ETERNITY is one of the very few IP-PBXs offering in-skin GSM and 3G cards. In addition, ETERNITY also supports T1/E1/PRI and E&M making it capable of interfacing with virtually any network on the planet. Thus, ETERNITY is an “open” and truly “integrated” IP-PBX.

Key features like Multi-Party Conference, Auto-Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, and SMDR (CDR) with a large buffer capacity etc. are built into the system. These features normally warrant additional investments in most of the other competitive brands.